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☮ Extermination Of Labelled Ignorance ✌

My Name Is Not Important however, you can call me what that floats your boat, really don't have F♬ ♪ks to give. I'm human, . I Breathe, I live, I have feelings and I make mistakes. I love reading,drawing, listening to music, all that fun stuff. I'm not good at doing the bio thing…. So here's a little one on one about me, and my awesomeness I have a bad potty mouth, over sensitive, crybaby, crazy at times. I tend to like or do explicit things, but do tell me up straight if I'm a perv because to be honest we all have those perv-ass moments I'm the type of girl who wears boy shorts and tee's, gaming grande theft auto while texting her best friend saying how she got how much studying to do, while drinking enegry drinks and spying on her neighbor from her balcony...
yea creepy muchツ...
◕‿◕ Nice To Me You

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